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How I Got Jason Mcgerr of Death Cab For Cutie To Play On My Tracks

Jason Mgerr of Death Cab For Cutie Plays on several of my tracks!After walking away from years of playing and working the Seattle rock scene, I was looking for a way to record music, without having a band to take in the studio. As an old school, tube is better, analog is better, snob of a musician who's shared the stage with bands like Alice In Chains, and as a sound engineer who has worked with members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, it was less then satisfying to have anything other than a real, live, warm blooded person behind a drum kit in the same room as me, to get my groove on. It was disheartening to try and record 'inspired' tracks. I knew I could, in theory, do full multi-track recording on my computer, but it just SUCKED! Until I found Riffworks Recording Software with it's built in 'InstantDrummer'.  

It's as if I can pick up the phone, dial up Matt Sorum or Jason Mcgerr and set up a studio session on the fly! How about John Tempesta, Terry bozzio, Alan White or Sly Dunbar sitting in on your living room recordings any time of the day or night? 

The folks over at Sonoma took a loop based recording software and stuffed it full of professionally recorded drums to place in your music. In fact, Sonoma has muscled in on the digital drum-loop space, buying out several well-respected company's in the last few years and really asserting their dominance in the market - and are doing it in a way that gives snobby guitar players like me, a quick and simple interface to add real human sounding drum sessions to my recordings without having to spend moths searching for drummers and teaching them your songs. There are products that exceed Sonoma in quality, but the intuitive and quick, simple use of InstantDrummer make it my choice over other products which require a lot to tedious programming that, in my experience, really kills the inspiration. For me, a decent drummer is my muse. When someone gets behind a kit and starts laying down a good groove on drums, I can write new riffs out of thin air all day long. I missed that when I started practicing to drum machines and drum loops. Now that I have InstantDrummer, It's inspiration on queue - FINALLY! 

So I highly urge you to look into Riffworks. They even have a free version with limited functionality, but it does have some free InstantDrummer sessions too. 

The guitar-centric Riffworks/InstantDrummer software is powerful music creation tool with a whole library of famous drummers that you can instantly have backing you up in your recordings. Bravo, Sonoma Wireworks! You hit a home run guys! 

Riffworks Recording Software By Sonoma Wireworks

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Chris Olson is a veteran of the Seattle Grunge scene of the late 80’s and 90’s as both a musician and a sound engineer. He has shared the stage with members of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden to name just a few -